Virtual VMM® Advanced Areola Class



Join Vicky on a virtual class as she teaches you her VMM Advanced Areola method to create an ultra-realistic 3D areola on her amazing VMM Practice Breast moulds.

Included in this class:

  • Pre-Study: VMM Basic Areola Online Course
  • VMM Practice Kit, including the amazing VMM Breast Mould and pigments, sent to you ahead of class so you can practice the VMM Basic Areola method as part of your pre-study.
  • An afternoon of learning via Zoom during which Vicky presents her VMM Advanced Areola class and walks you through the different techniques as you practice at home on your own VMM Breast Mould.
  • Certification (after you successfully complete a number of case studies at your own clinic / studio)
  • An invitation to join Vicky’s private VMM Areola Support Facebook group.