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After nearly burning out in a high-powered corporate job as an auditor and hitting rock bottom, I craved something different. Something that would ignite my creativity, connect me with people, and let me unleash my entrepreneurial spirit.

That was in 2000 and when I began my journey as a tattoo artist, specialising in the art of micropigmentation. After honing my skills, I became a trainer for a London company in 2010 and in 2012 set up my own training school with my sister.

My heart is deeply invested in providing breast cancer survivors with the most outstanding medical tattooing outcomes. It brings me immense joy to help them complete their arduous journey and feel whole again. My fervour for this cause, combined with my vast experience and the international techniques I’ve acquired, led me to create my own revolutionary approach to areola tattooing – the VMM® 3D Areola (Vicky Martin Method ). I’m honoured to share my expertise and teach this method globally.

In my pursuit of excellence, I experimented with various techniques and pigments on my own body, searching for the ultimate healed result. But as I ran out of space and needed a more effective solution, I had a groundbreaking idea – to create the incredibly lifelike VMM® Breast Mould. This revolutionary invention now aids medical tattooists worldwide in perfecting their craft.


Vicky Martin
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My VMM® method isn’t solely focused on the artwork; it emphasizes the importance of mindset too. To me, inner strength is just as crucial as external beauty.

When people utilize the VMM® skills, I want them to be in the best possible state of mind. By doing so, we can provide cancer survivors with an extraordinary experience and assist them in facing the next chapter of their journey with confidence and dignity.

To take my vision further, I’ve designed an online course and event named UNSTOPPABLE. It’s my way of helping everyone become the most remarkable version of themselves and live each day fearlessly and joyfully.

My ultimate goal is to inspire and educate everyone I come across to live a fulfilling, courageous life.

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows – believe and stand tall”