VMM® Eyebrow Enhancement

If you have brows that have thinned with age, are overplucked, are very fair and hard to see, or you simply you want to improve their shape and look to frame your eyes and give your face a whole new definition, there really is a style suitable for everyone, both men and women, no matter what age or skin tone.

Forget the daily chore of drawing your brows on, forget struggling to get the symmetry or shape right,  just wake up and go!

The result –  face-framing, shapely, natural-looking brows, every day…effortlessly.

Lip Blush bu Vicky Martin
What’s Involved?

The first stage of getting your perfect pout is the consultation. This is usually done on the day of treatment, but if you prefer to have it on a separate day this can certainly be arranged.

During your consultation we’ll discuss what you are looking to achieve, decide what colours are most suitable & what style would be most flattering for you. This is very much a two-way conversation and we listen as well as advise, to get you the perfect end result.

Before the treatment begins, we will photograph your brows before applying numbing cream.

After the numbing cream has had tie to take effect, we will design your brows using pencil, and we keep tweaking the design until you are completely happy with the shape. No tattooing will begin until then. We will guide and advise you on shape, style and look, but you have the final decision and total control over your new brows.


Your full treatment will take around 2-2.5 hours.

When complete, we will  pictures of your new eyebrows and go through aftercare with you, giving your aftercare instructions and cream to take home with you.

Your eyebrows maybe slightly red and swollen for a couple of hours but most people are able to continue their normal routine or go back to work.

The Retouch / Second Session

All new treatments are carried out in 2 stages so we can see how your skin heals and holds the pigment. We prefer a “less is more approach” on your first session – it’s much easier to add more pigment, strengthen the colour or tweak the design on your second appointment 4-6 weeks later than to go in to dark or too bold at the beginning!

Your retouch appointment should take around 1-1.5 hours.

Gorgeous Brows by Vicky Martin
Natural-looking brows
Colour Boost

The pigments we use to create your beautiful brows are formulated to gradually soften and fade over time so that as you age, we have the flexibility to be able to adapt the pigment colour and shape of your brows to suit any changes in your facial features, skin tone and natural hair colour.

When you feel that you are having to maintain the colour of your brows more and more with makeup, it’s probably time for you to come and see Vicky to have your colour refreshed.

The best colour boost results can be achieved when your previous treatment by Vicky has faded a good 50% or more –  we need there to be room in your skin for new pigment to be added. (If you’re not sure if your brows have faded enough, just email us a nice clear photo taken in natural daylight to info@vickymartinmethod.com and we’ll take a look).

How to Book

We are delighted to be able to offer you the option to spread the cost of your brow treatment with  “PayPal Pay in 3”.

Just click the button below to buy your treatment.

Once you have completed your purchase, please call 07852 879470 or email info@vickymartinmethod.com to book your appointment, quoting your order number and name and email address you used to place your order.

(If you don’t want to take advantage of Pay in 3, just call or email us to arrange your appointment).


New Brow Enhancement:  £395

(Price includes initial treatment plus retouch after 4-6 weeks)

Brow Enhancement Colour Boost:  £285

(Note a colour boost is a single session treatment)

NOTE: Pricing may be different if you have had previous permanent makeup brow colour done elsewhere. Please contact us to discuss your options.