Never give in to the fear that cancer can stop you living your best life. To give renewed hope, confidence and optimism to anyone whose life has been touched by cancer, I’m holding a special, one-day event where we are going to teach you how to find your passion, destroy your limiting beliefs, and emerge UNSTOPPABLE!

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Cancer can take so much from you. But the worst thing it can take is your vision. I’ve seen the effect that cancer has had on all the ladies that I’ve treated, and I wanted to find a way to steer them – and anyone who’s been affected by cancer – back towards the life with acceptance, vision and strength.

So I’ve created the UNSTOPPABLE ME!  to help you move past the mental block which might be holding you back: it might be breast cancer, it might be self-doubt, it might be low self-esteem caused by the change in your body… Whatever your limits are, we can bring them down, and build you back up into the person you were born to be.


In the one-day UNSTOPPABLE ME!  you will learn how to: 

  • Start living your best Life
  • Identify filters in the mind and replace them with powerful new ones;
  • Move out of Chaos and into purpose,  a new  version of you ;
  • Develop tricks for overcoming fear and anxiety;
  • Get unlimited energy and confidence
  • Be part of an amazing network of people who understand the path you have walked

Anyone who knows me understands how important it is, for me, to encourage other people. I’m always learning new techniques that can unleash our full potential, and stop fear from holding us back. In my own life.

Every day I work on Cancer VIP’s and its heart breaking to see such beautiful strong women feeling lost, alone and scared. This is why I created Unstoppable me one day event. Amazing speakers with the newest Neuroscience tricks to help bring back the strongest newest version back out of the woods with passion and purpose. I can not wait to share my knowledge   and bring so much love to the event.


Click here to book now and become UNSTOPPABLE!  

Special guest speakers

I’m not alone in my mission to bring positivity back to the lives of cancer patients. So, to give you even more techniques to change your life, I’ve invited Alex and Stuart – two founders of the amazing Victoria’s Promise charity that helps support young women through cancer – to share their secrets with you. They’ll be giving you their unique insights into Finding Your Way Out of Chaos and Into Purpose, and how to Start Living Your Best Life.

Andy Murphy from Mindset by Design the creator of the Amazing course 8FIGURE THINKER.

Andy has Taken his wisdom, skill and strength he re-built and is one the of the top MENTAL PERFORMANCE EXPERTS in the world with so many high level private clients such as….

Representing Forbes in the coaching council as a MENTAL PERFORMANCE EXPERT. Andy works with the best in the world in Internet marketing, Network Marketing, Forex trading, Amazon, World-Champion athletes, MMA champions, special force commandos, 8 figure Entrepreneurs and CEO’s, Hollywood TV and Film producers, Hollywood actors and even ROYAL FAMILY….

I really hope you can come along to this life-changing event. So much of cancer recovery starts in your mind – we’re going to give you everything you need to put the past behind you, and look to the future with renewed enthusiasm.


Date: 13 August 2018
Time: 9:30am-5pm. Lunch and snacks are provided.
Venue: Madjeski Stadium, Reading, Berkshire, RG2 0FL.
Price: £20 per ticket. I don’t want anyone to be priced-out of attending, so I’ve set the ticket price as low as possible. 

Click here to book now and become UNSTOPPABLE!