VMM® Skin Blend 1-Day Class: Mar.20th, 2024


1-Day VMM® Skin Blend Class, VMM Academy, Margate, Kent. U.K – £1,495


Reserve your space now by paying a booking fee* of just £595*

*Booking Fee is non-refundable; the balance for your class will be invoiced to you separately and payment is due 4 weeks prior to class. For bookings made less than 4 weeks before start of class, payment of balance is due immediately.)

Spend the day with Vicky at the VMM Academy in Margate, Kent and learn her amazing scar and skin camouflage techniques! 

In this jam-packed skin camouflage training you will learn:

am: VMM Skin Blend Classroom Theory & Practice:

*Understanding Skin and Scar types

*Scar Types

*Consultation & how to manage client expectations


*Pre-treatment Advice for the Client

*Client records

*Prepare the canvas

*Client Connection & Empowerment

*Colour Theory & Pigment Selection

*Needles/choosing your paintbrush

*Machine Speed, Hand Pressure

*Mat / Boob Mould Practise

*The Procedure – VMM Skin Fade™

*Scar Camouflage, Scar Relaxation

* NEW! – Stretchmarks




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