Vicky Martin “Unstoppable” Areola Pigment Set by Perma Blend® (UK Sale Only)


NEW!! Vicky Martin’s “Unstoppable” Areola Pigment Set – eight amazing REACH-Compliant colours that can be mixed to create a limitless palette for the best colour-matching.


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I am so excited to bring you my new “Unstoppable” Areola Set, made by Perma Blend®

This set of inks is inspired by the Vicky Martin Method, my revolutionary 3D Areola tattooing technique that transforms the bodies of those impacted by breast cancer.

With eight amazing LUXE REACH-compliant colours named by my clients who have been impacted by breast cancer, these colours go above and beyond to ensure that not only can artists be confident in their areola artistry, but also that clients are given the chance to feel whole again.

Unlock unlimited combinations for perfect colour matching, giving your clients a personalized and inclusive procedure.

Inks Included:

  • Courageous Coral — A dull, pink-to-dark nude flesh tone with high opacity to give a strong foundation for a medium, dark pink areola. Recommended for the base of an areola.
  • Determined Dark Brown — The darkest colour of the areola set with neutral mass tone and slightly cool undertone and healing. It is best for providing the dark depth of colour needed for high-melanin clients.
    DO NOT USE on its own— it is designed to be mixed with other colours. Recommended for the base of an areola.
  • Outstanding Orange — A bright orange colour with very strong warm undertones. Best used as a modifier for colour adjustments to get the shade exactly right for each client.
  • Power Through Peach — A light, muted pink flesh tone with high opacity to give a strong foundation for a light to medium pink areola. Recommended for colouring a nipple.
  • Resilient Red — A rich, warm red with low opacity to give the best red tone needed to get the perfect areola shade. Recommended for colouring a nipple.
  • Show Up Scarlet — A warm pink shade with strong opacity for the best blending and shading for those pinker shades of areola. Recommended for colouring a nipple.
  • Unbeatable Brown — A strong, yellow-based warm to neutral nude-brown shade, providing great coverage and golden foundation for those olive skin clients. Recommended for the base of an areola.
  • Warrior White — A white used to boost opacity, provide outstanding coverage, and colour building for areola restoration. Best used for highlighting, softening other colours, and mixing to create a perfect match for your clients.