3D Areola Options

Options for our beautiful brave ladies who are looking for 3D areola tattooing

We are so pleased to be able to offer Vicky’s VMM® 3D Areola to any woman who needs it. We have four options available to you. Note: please be advised that the procedure is a two-part process, and will usually require at least one return visit to the studio to complete the final result.

To book or discuss any of these options, please contact us


This is the close up image of Vicky's 3D areola see all the detail of the 'montgomeries' and bumpiness of the nipple thus providing a 3D effect, and being part of the end of a long tough journey for this lovely lady in Reading Berkshire

Option 1: BUPA

Vicky is Bupa-recognised. If you are a Bupa patient, this is a very simple process whereby we receive a referral by your surgeon.

You (the Bupa patient) then contact Bupa and obtain an authorisation code, which is then verified. From that point, it’s as simple as booking an appointment that suits you.

To discuss or to book the BUPA option, please contact us


Option 2: Model

This is altogether the most beneficial option all round. It allows Vicky to train already qualified micro-pigmentation specialists, in Vicky’s area of expertise – the VMM® 3D Areola technique. This makes the 3D areola an option for other ladies who have been through this tough journey, and gives students a chance to make the ladies feel complete again. We have received many comments from ladies who have chosen this option. They have said it’s not about getting the treatment for no cost, but about feeling strong enough to make a difference to another lovely lady’s life. Our models also enable this option to be found and offered to ladies in other parts of the country and the world.

Our beautiful models receive their treatments free of charge. Students will have attended an intensive course with Vicky, and worked on one of Vicky’s life-like breast moulds the day before they do a live procedure. At that stage, Vicky will be totally happy for the student to work on a lovely model.

Vicky will usually only train one or two students at a time. We have a large training room, so two models may be in having treatments together. This enables Vicky to oversee her students at every step of her technique. We ask that our models allow up to four hours for their treatment, but the procedure may take much less time than that.

We do ask that models sign a model disclosure form, to allow our students to build a portfolio of Before and After pictures. This allows them, and us, to show ladies in the same position that there are options such as 3D areola, and what the work can achieve. Our models are not identified in any way by name, nor would we ever include pictures of their faces. 

The treatment will then be followed up after six weeks by Vicky, where Vicky herself will finish the treatment, again free of charge.

To discuss or to book the Model option, please contact us

Student learning The VMM® 3D areola technique created by Vicky Martin. For ladies requiring medical micro pigmentation to create nipples that have been removed through operations recovering from breast cancer

Option 3: Donation Day

Vicky martin up close hard at work creating some beautiful art in the name of breast cancer and 3D areola. Notice Vicky's eye for detail in making sure it's all perfect

 We only ask that ladies cover the cost of the products used for their appointment which is £50, this covers needles, pigments, aftercare and any other equipment necessary, you are still getting Vicky’s expert time for free.  You can then make an anonymous donation into our special box on the day. This option does tend to get booked up very quickly. 

 To discuss or to book the Donation Day option, please contact us

Option 4: Full-Paying Client

This option is for ladies who either cannot meet the dates or requirements for our other options. With the Full-Paying option, you are able to choose an appointment during normal working hours from Tuesday to Saturday, subject to Vicky’s availability.

Prices starting from £250 for the initial treatment (one session) and £50 for each treatment thereafter. The desired effect is usually achieved within two sessions. 

Uplift Scars starting from £350.

Scar Camouflage £250 per session (This covers two sessions)

Colourboost on areolas previously done by Vicky £195

To discuss or to book the Full-Paying Client option, please contact us